personal branding: so what?

PersonalBranding:So What?Chances are, you’ve heard that companies spend a lot of time and money on “branding” – what seems to be a new extension to the marketing department. You may have even heard the phrase “personal branding”, but why should individuals be worried about what marketers in big corporations are concerned about? You Already Have […]

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Where are my thrivethemes page templates?

​Can’t find your page templates in your Thrive Theme? Looking for this? Although you would think they would be listed in theme options, they are not. Generate your thrive themes’ templates by hovering over the small menu button in the thrive themes dashboard.

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Installing Let’s Encrypt FREE SSL Certificate on Siteground

If you already have a webhost for your site, chances are they are making every effort to make more money by charging you for an ssl certificate or even a dedicated ip to install your ssl certificate on. This is old news. Modern browsers, anything not internet explorer on windows XP, will allow you to […]

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