Boost Sales Now On 3 Conditions

1. Instant coupon for first time visitors

Having an instantly available coupon for visitors is a surefire way to increase sales and grow your email list with potential customers fast.

While there are plenty of options for conditional display in most products included with Thrive Suite, this particular option is currently exclusive to Thrive Ultimatum.

So, it's worth the install and jumping through a few simple hoops to set this up. To use this conditional logic, you'll need to have Thrive Ultimatum installed on your wordpress site.

Watch the following tutorial for how to set this up.

2. Time based sale for your current product promotion

You can create scarcity by offering a sale with a countdown clock or simply a particular date using Thrive Ultimatum, or any conditional display logic within most products in Thrive Suite. Try creating a thin ribbon on any page or post by incorporating a background section with a different color and some simple text.

Something like this...  Get Thrive Suite Now!

You can even make it sticky. Keep scrolling to see.

3. Flash sale for logged in customer of other products

"The best customers are previous customers." 

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Why not have a discount for other products or courses while your customer is already logged in to your site?

This can be implemented easily inside of Thrive Apprentice or even inside of your Woo Commerce shop when you use Thrive Theme Builder and conditional logic.

Bonus Condition: Your best content for first time visitors

Easily highlight your best blog post or video for first time visitors.

OK, so maybe I borrowed this idea from the YouTube channel page, but if google thinks it's a good idea, then it probably is.

(So, maybe this condition isn't available yet in the conditional display menu, but at the very least you can feature your best content to users who are not logged in.)

Having first time visitors watch your most engaging video or link to your best article will certainly improve your dwell time. And increasing your dwell time theoretically increases your page rank which increases visits to your site. Thus increasing your income.

Jacob Aaron

Knowing a little about a lot encourages me to share what I know to help other people. I firmly believe that everything is possible and everyone deserves success on their journey in life.